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A homely textile ambience for demanding environments

With their CARE CONCEPT, ANKER has developed a collection of four loop carpets for the health market. The collection boasts nature-like colour combinations and an extra-homely feel. 
In addition to the comfort, it also offers innovative functionality: the carpets in the collections are impervious to liquids when treated with EVA Fluid Stop. This means that no liquids can penetrate into the carpet backing or the screed underneath and cause odours. We also combined this innovation with the advantages of solution-dyed fibre material. These are the easy-clean features that make CARE CONCEPT carpets virtually predestined for senior residences, nursing homes, rehab clinics and doctors’ surgeries.

Comfort, well-being

Spaces in which the well-being and health of the occupants are the primary concern, demand particular attention by those who design and furnish them. CARE CONCEPT has been developed with this in mind. A collection that is committed to the idea of making comfort possible in demanding living spaces – in residences for senior citizens, care homes for the elderly or even in doctors’ surgeries, rehab centres and clinics. Floor design is thus transformed from purely functional to homely plus functional. A decisive, tangible difference.

The technology within and beneath

The CARE CONCEPT backing is manufactured using the unique ANKER sandwich technology. Here the tuft backing is durably bound with the EVA Fluid Stop backing and a textile fleece cover during an elaborate process. The result is a product that has a completely textile feel but is also impermeable to liquids. Liquids are therefore unable to penetrate into either the carpet backing or the underlay. 

This fibre has the inside track

The products within the CARE CONCEPT collection are manufactured exclusively from solution-dyed fibre material, and this fibre literally has the inside track – especially in terms of colour. With solution-dyed fibre, the pigment is introduced into the fibre as early as the production stage rather than simply being added to the exterior, as is conventionally in dyeing. This brings with it solid benefits: exceptionally easy to clean, even with chlorinated cleaning agents, unproblematic use of disinfectants, resistant to UV radiation and age-related yellowing, hides dirt effectively due to trilobal fibre cross section, same colour from row to row, no difference in colour at crossover points, environmental friendly dyeing thanks to significant reduction in use of fresh water and energy as well as less waste water and fewer CO2 emissions.

A warm living environment that is also functional

The textile surface of the CARE CONCEPT carpets creates a pleasant, secure room atmosphere. In addition, the carpet minimises noise with its sound-absorbing effect and makes for significantly better room acoustics. CARE CONCEPT carpets facilitate walking that is gentle on the joints and are especially slip-resistant, even in wet conditions. The soft surface gives the foot purchase and, in the event of a fall, reduces the risk of injury. The CARE CONCEPT collection only offers loop pile carpets. This construction guarantees practically no side drifting from use of wheelchairs, walking frames or even beds.