CUBE TILES. The tile collection.
180 tiles available from stock.
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Many of the CUBE qualities are made of Econyl yarn, a 100% recycled fibre. This is environmentally superior, and the carpeting can be recycled after use. The cycle continues, indefinitely. But don’t expect to see this happen any time soon – it will take many, many years, because ANKER carpet is extremely long-lived. And did you know: ANKER was the first European manufacturer to devote itself to the emerging environmental issues of recycling and the use of recycled material? Because experience is a great teacher, ANKER is today using its edge in experience to maximize the production and process reliability for these new materials.
The yarn is solution dyed - which means that this fibre is dyed literally right to the heart. In solution-dyed fibres, the dye is introduced into the fibre during production – not merely applied to the outside as in conventional dyeing. This makes for several strong advantages:
  • consistent colour from length to length, no colour differences at transitions
  • excellent cleaning properties, even with chlorinated cleaning compounds
  • trilobal fibre cross-section
  • resistant to UV radiation and yellowing
  • more environmentally friendly dyeing process – significantly reduced fresh water, waste water, energy and CO2