Flat Flat


FLAT minimalist hard textile surface. Welcome to the future.

FLAT is extremely hard. And extremely beautiful. FLAT launches the new hard textile surface product category. It is minimalist in every way: the appearance, the surface pattern and the design.

A cool look, but by no means cold. Although the product is woven extremely thin and firm, it gives the room a distinct textile look. Yet this look is also new: not voluminous or even plush, but flat, pure and hard.

‘The hard textile surface closes the gap in modern architecture between hard surfaces and traditional carpets. It’s a completely new textile look coupled with extreme durability and the minimalistic use of materials,’ explains Gerd Hoffe, Managing Director (Marketing, Design and Technology) enthusiastically. 

Multi-award winning

FLAT was barely on the market when it won multiple awards, including the interior innovation award 2015 from the German Design Council.

Great room acoustics 

FLAT is also available with SonicWave. This ANKER-developed acoustic fleece significantly improves the already good acoustic properties of the carpet. It is a high-density acoustic fleece that achieves four to five times higher sound absorption and significantly better sound insulation than normal carpet backing. The result is a huge improvement in room acoustics and consequently also in the working atmosphere.

Intelligent material 

A sophisticated design and cutting-edge high-end weaving technology enable the pioneering, ecologically intelligent approach of reduced material use. The latest fibre materials are also used in production. Many of the FLAT colours are woven from solution-dyed fibre material. The yarn is spun-dyed (solution-dyed). With solution-dyed fibres, the dye is applied to the fibres during production, meaning the fibre is dyed all the way through. This results in strong benefits when in use, such as excellent cleaning properties and outstanding UV radiation resistance.