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Designed for designers 

ANKER, the traditional woven carpet specialist based in Düren, is expanding the design classic PERLON RIPS with a new, modern contract colour palette including an exceptional staging.

 The classic PERLON RIPS brand was develo¬ped in 1959 and has now become the world’s most successful textile floor-covering sys¬tem, having installed over 20 million square metres of woven carpet. The reasons: tran-quil, timeless design and excellent technical construction.

Classic brand with new staging

The new PERLON RIPS collection boasts by an exciting colour palette of 36 contract colours. In addition each colour is preceded with a name and a short, fine, sympathetic description. The collection wants to encourage, inspire and to challenge to a more intensive engagement with the respective colour.

Serene floor design with the special colour blend 

PERLON RIPS is woven very tightly and therefore has an unparalleled compact structure with an un-usually straight and very precise upright nap. The result is uninterrupted floor homogeneity. Restrained in form, and prized by architects and designers the world over for precisely this reason.

The basis for the special colour effects of PERLON RIPS is the specific blend created by the ANKER carded yarn. Designers blend the hues from individual yarn colours, like painters, to produce a shade. It’s an elaborate, creative process that requires considerable experience and design skills.

Exellent quality – well thought trough

PERLON RIPS was developed in 1959 by Franz Steffens, the former head of product deve¬lopment, and is exclusively and completely manufactured by ANKER in Düren to this day. Precisely herein lies the secret of this classic brand: the consistent control of every stage in production and processing. 

From the colour chips and the manufacture of the unique ANKER carded wool, to the weaving done by highly skilled expert craftspeople. Of course, today this is done by cutting-edge looms specially designed for ANKER. They are, however, operated by staff who have internalised the weaving skills cultivated by ANKER for over 100 years.

The Wilton-Ruten weaving method is a clas¬sic weaving method that ANKER has develo¬ped to perfection over the decades. Three warp threads – binding warp, filling warp and pile warp – are interlaced with the weft thread in a special way to produce a three-dimensional woven fabric, and bound together extremely firmly. This type of weaving in conjunction with the ANKER carded wool guarantees the extraordinary durability of the carpet, which continues to be compacted further when in use, thus stabilising the structure even further.

This philosophy is the basis for the superior product quality and the durability associated with it. Today, ANKER occasionally refits premises where PERLON RIPS had been laid 30 years ago. Not because the carpet had become unsightly or even worn – no, simply because the design concept had been updated.

It is worth considering the issue of sustainability in this context. What could be more sensible than products that not only look good for decades, but also function ‘sustainably’ and do their job reliably? A fascinating, self-evident basic idea for a fast-paced world – developed in 1959.