Taurus Taurus Taurus


Bright, colourful and outstanding

TAURUS is a range of modern woven carpets with special structures, available in an exciting palette of interesting colours.

TAURUS RIPS features a calm, coherent surface characterised by tufts arranged in a particularly straight manner. In contrast to this, TAURUS KONTUR offers a more exciting surface on account of its structure, which is defined by a mix of highs and lows. Both are woven using the special Wilton-wire weaving method.

Many of the TAURUS colours are woven from solution-dyed fibre material. The yarn is spun-dyed (solution-dyed), meaning it is literally made from these fibres. This is because, with solution-dyed fibres, the dye is already applied during production, resulting in some solid advantages:

  • uniform colour across rolls, no colour variance in the joins
  • incredible ease of cleaning, even with detergents containing chlorine
  • doesn’t show dirt thanks to trilobal fibre shape
  • resistance to UV radiation and yellowing with age
  • more environmentally friendly dying thanks to significant reductions in the use of fresh water, waste water, energy and CO2