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It’s MATT. It’s CUT. It’s JACX.
ANKER introduces premium matt cut piles with PERLON RIPS JACX.

ANKER, the traditional woven carpet specialist from Düren in North Rhine-Westphalia, presents PERLON RIPS JACX, a unique, fine matt cut pile. The jacquard-woven premium carpet is available in four randomly patterned tonal designs in the 36 PERLON RIPS colours. Further proof of the diverse range of colours and designs and the creative brand power.

PERLON RIPS JACX is woven from the famous ANKER carded yarn, which ANKER has manufactured in-house since the 50s. The carded yarn creates an incomparably matt look when combined with the typical PERLON RIPS blend; the carded yarn also provides outstanding wear. PERLON RIPS JACX is available both on a roll and as tiles.

PERLON RIPS is the classic textile floor covering brand. Developed in 1959, it deserves the name ‘The Original’. The current collection boasts 36 exciting colours that are especially interesting and emotionally appealing. A collection that whets your appetite again for floor design. The unique weaving technology of the classic design and the compact structure are typical of the entire PERLON RIPS family. 

The PERLON RIPS LCS collection, the ‘colour encyclopaedia of textile floor design’, combines the PERLON RIPS design classic with the world-famous Le Corbusier colour range. The new cut pile variant, PERLON RIPS LCS CUT, is now being introduced. A high-quality woven cut pile with a matt sheen blended surface, also available in the 63 polychrome colours. This variant comes both on a roll and as an Element EVA carpet tile. This gives you interesting combination options of rolls and tiles when laying on a large scale.

PERLON RIPS BLOX is the creative reinterpretation of the well-known design classic. A block design in the 1, 3 and 6 block variants and in an unprecedented array of colours. 3,780 two-tone design variations can be made from 36 PERLON RIPS base colours. This collection was introduced to the market in March 2014.