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People need colour to live. ANKER expands the PERLON RIPS LCS collection

This spring, ANKER, the traditional woven carpet specialist based in Düren, is expanding the PERLON RIPS LCS collection introduced last year. The PERLON RIP LCS collection combines the PERLON RIPS design classic with the world-famous Le Corbusier colour range. 63 colours combined with four classic designs (PLAIN, POINT, LINE and CUT) produce 252 products with unlimited creative design potential. The collection is being offered exclusively to design-oriented architects, interior designers and decision-makers, and is available now.


The cut pile variant PERLON RIPS CUT is now being launched. This high-quality woven cut pile with a matt sheen blended surface is also available in the 63 polychrome colours. This variant comes both on a roll and as an Element EVA carpet tile. This gives you interesting combination options of rolls and tiles when laying on a large scale.

Les Couleurs partnership

Our partnership with Swiss company Les Couleurs made the especially elaborate collection development possible. Les Couleurs manages the Le Corbusier colour palettes around the world on behalf of the Foundation Le Corbusier Paris and granted ANKER the exclusive worldwide right to use the colour keyboard for textile flooring design.

Product design and development

Developing the 63 colours in the four designs was particularly complicated, since all those involved were naturally keen to produce something original. The colours in the four designs are also combined with a finely balanced portion of grey in the production process, making the high-quality carpet wonderfully usable on a large scale at the same time – a refined and fascinating approach that makes a great impression on the collection chart.

The collection chart – the colour encyclopedia of textile floor design

The collection chart is an incomparable work. Not only does it feature the 252 items arranged in the colour keyboard order, but also original hand-painted colour plates, all over ten pages with a length totalling three metres when opened up. It’s a colour encyclopedia for textile floor design that brings to life the fascination and enthusiasm for the PERLON RIPS classic design and the Le Corbusier colour keyboard.

PERLON RIPS – technically brilliant

In addition to conventional features, the new collection is of course also available with SonicWave acoustic fleece. This backing is proven to significantly improve sound absorption in the 500 to 1,000 Hz frequency range – the key range for office communication.